Barbara has retired!
Here is Goose Cove Gardens' final email:


       Today is Friday, October 24th. 



Our greenhouses have been disassembled and are being reassembled at various locations.




These farms and folks will be growing next spring.  I am hoping you will check them out to see if they will meet your growing needs.




Patti Byrne lives on Choate Street in Essex.  She has worked for us for the past seven years.  She seeds and grows our beautiful plants. Patti and John are rebuilding 2 of our 80 ft greenhouses to be ready for Spring.




Cedar Rock Gardens, 299 Concord Street, Gloucester is run by Tucker Smith and his friend Elise.  They are rebuilding 2 of our 100 ft green-houses and will be growing for you in the Spring.




Anne Gero is creating Asbury Gardens in Hamilton.  Tomatoes will be her speciality.  You can reach her at




Heidi at Green Meadow Farm in Hamilton would also like me to remind you that they raise organically grown vegetables for a spring plant sale.




I do hope this helps you find organic plants for next Springs garden.  It has been my pleasure for the past 24 years.  Now it's time for family and friends.  Stay well, stay organic and stay happy.




P.S. We did get our sign back.  It was returned by our DPW after they found it in the woods of West Gloucester.




Barbara and all your friends at
Goose Cove Gardens













Link for soil testing in MA